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The Halloween Moon by Joseph Fink ePub novel is available for free download. Ann Braden’s “Flight of the Puffin” is an emotional roller coaster of a story that develops in a non-linear style. Near the conclusion, secrets are exposed. Secrets, disloyalty, loss, death, forgiving, redemption, and love shine through in this tale.

The Halloween Moon: book review

The Halloween Moon by Joseph Fink is a fantastic, seasonal young adult novel that is both original and suspenseful, and it brilliantly captures the essence of Halloween. Fink, co-author of Welcome to Night Vale, puts his literary skills to the test in his latest book, which explores themes of spooks and adventure among the unlikeliest of pals.

Esther Gold’s favorite time is Halloween. She produces three Halloween costumes every year, one for school, one for trick or treating, and one as a backup in case the other two fall short. Esther’s parents have decided not to let her trick or treat this year. Esther’s parents think that it’s time to make a place for younger children to trick or treat now that she has had her Bar Mitzvah. Esther is enraged, and with the support of her best friend Agustin, she is determined to fool her parents and go out for another year of trick or treating.

Esther’s evening, however, is packed with more tricks than sweets, as she is challenged with demons from another world as the Halloween Moon blurs the line between worlds. Esther is thrown into the Halloween Dreamworld, where she must flee the Queen of Halloween and her ragtag army of kidnapped trick-or-treaters. There, she must team up with Sasha, her school bully, and Mr. Gabler, a mystery former neighbor who is now the village dentist, to recover her younger sister Sharon, who has been kidnapped by the Queen of Halloween.

Fink, who is notorious for his horrifying plots, does not disappoint. In the spirit of being middle schoolers about to enter high school, the characters keep faithful to their roots. Coming-of-age challenges such as dealing with school bullies, adopting religious ideas, and identifying difficulty in connecting with parents are all demonstrated by Esther, Sasha, and Agustin. At the same time, they continue to avoid the traps set for them by the Queen of Halloween and her henchmen. It strikes a balance between extremely genuine, relevant situations and uncommon scenarios.

The interesting characters hook you from the start, with Dan Apple and the trick-or-treaters committing a bank robbery. Esther sees Dan’s brother, Ed Pumpkin, driving an ice cream truck that has been changed to sell pumpkins, which adds to the mystery. Dan Apple is “the brain,” while his brother Ed is “the Buff,” according to some cliché plotlines. Other cliché character connections are employed, such as Esther and Sasha’s enmity culminating in friendship and Esther and Agustin’s enmity resulting in romance, although this does not detract from the story’s attractiveness. However, one of my major concerns about the work is that unanswered plotlines leave the story unfinished, which leads to dissatisfaction rather than adding to the mystery.

After a long day of courses, The Halloween Moon is a lovely new novel to read. It’s entertaining and keeps you on your toes as you move from one exciting event to the next. The Halloween Moon merges a colorful and wonderful setting with quirky side characters and lovable leads. While certain plotlines are left unresolved, it is still worth reading because of the general well-written and flowing storyline. If you’re getting excited for Halloween, this is the book to read to get you in the mood.

Details About The Halloween Moon by Joseph Fink ePub

  • Name: The Halloween Moon
  • Author: Joseph Fink
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 210
  • Price: Free

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