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Download Smart Leadership by Mark Miller ePub and PDF novel for free. Mark Miller’s “Smart Leadership” is an emotional roller coaster of a story that unfolds in a non-linear fashion. Near the conclusion, secrets are exposed. Secrets, betrayal, loss, death, forgiveness, redemption, and love shine through in this tale.

All of the author’s books have been beneficial to me. This book is unlike any other I’ve read by Mark Miller, who was Chick fil-sixteenth A’s employee and is now the company’s Vice President of High Performance. His earlier publications were written in the style of leadership fables.

This book is divided into four sections based on four Smart Choices:

  • Confront Reality
  • Grow Capacity
  • Fuel Curiosity
  • Create Change

There are two chapters, each devoted to a best practice, after an introductory chapter on each option. These chapters will assist you in making your Smart Choice. Each chapter concludes with a short paragraph labeled “Be Smart!” The goal is to provide the reader one or two immediate action ideas—ways to get the decision out of your head and into your hands.

According to the author, most executives he knows are confronted with a rising list of issues, many of which are unprecedented. He equates all of these stumbling blocks to quicksand. The author draws on the experiences of a wide range of leaders who have successfully handled these obstacles throughout the book.

The power to make choices should be one of our most treasured human qualities, according to the author, and a few of our decisions have expanded our reach and influence. These few, far-reaching decisions have an impact on others, causing ripples in your life and leadership. They will also shape the story arc of your influence and decide your legacy if used regularly. These are what he refers to as Smart Choices.

The goal of the book is to increase the reader’s awareness and personal discipline when it comes to the decisions they make. Smart decisions are those that have a large impact and necessitate the most concentration and effort to make. According to the author, if you can keep an eye on these options and make intelligent decisions, you will reap several rewards. You can choose to travel to the high ground of increased influence, opportunity, and impact rather than staying in the quicksand of mediocrity, tiredness, and helplessness.

Meetings, values and beliefs, influence and impact, goals, role clarity, asking good questions, curiosity conversations, margin, energy management, life-long learning, a commonplace book, vision, ongoing communication, a growth mindset, and recognition are just a few of the topics covered in the book.

This book provided me with many useful takeaways, and I recommend it to all leaders. It would be a fantastic book to read with other leaders or prospective leaders and discuss.

The following are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

  • Your choices determine your impact.
  • If done well, meetings can significantly multiply a leader’s impact and results.
  • Reality is a leader’s most precious ally. What is true about you, your team, your organization, and your industry matters.
  • Leadership is fundamentally about challenging what is, with an eye on what can be.
  • If you do not stay relevant as a leader, you will be ill-prepared and ultimately left behind.
  • One of the most valuable life skills a leader can acquire is the ability to ask good, thought-provoking, and challenging questions.
  • People are most often attracted to leaders who believe in the possibility of a preferred future—a better future. We want leaders who can tell us where we are going and why it matters.
  • Great teams are the product of leadership, strategic intent, and thoughtful design. No team drifts to greatness—they are built for success.
  • Margin is simply the practice of allocating enough time to reflect, assess, think, create, and plan. We must create sufficient capacity for this critical work. Our leadership depends on it.
  • Management and leadership are both required for an organization to succeed. However, the role of the manager and leader are different. A manager’s responsibility is generally focused on control while a leader is focused on growth. Managers are focused on today whereas leaders are primarily concerned with tomorrow.
  • Your purpose is why you believe you were born. Your purpose is what gives ultimate meaning to your labor. Your purpose should give you the courage to do the hard work of leadership.
  • If you have the most compelling vision in the world and cannot communicate it effectively, it is of little value.
  • To Create Change in service of a better tomorrow is our calling and our contribution. We help make people, organizations, and the world better by the change efforts we lead.

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  • Name: Smart Leadership
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  • Genre: Literary Fiction
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