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saman e wajood pdf download

Download Saman E Wajood Novel by Bano Qudsia PDF novel free. “Saman E Wajood” is an absolute page-turner from start to finish. The prose is beautifully written in the style that Ali’s readers have come to expect. Prepare to set aside everything because you will not be able to put the book down.

Saman E Wajood Novel by Bano Qudsia PDF Summary

Bano Qudsia’s thirteen short Urdu stories are collected in the Samaan e Wajood Book. Each one has a distinct subject and cast of people. This book is much more than a compilation of fictional stories; it will make you think and question yourself, as well as re-examine your life philosophy. Each story has its own beauty, all of the stories have many lessons in between and at the end.

Below is a list of the stories in this book:

  1. Ibn e Adam (ابنِ آدم)
  2. Mansraaj Kabeen (منسراج کابین)
  3. New World Order (نیو ورلڈ آرڈر)
  4. Tangi e Dil (تنگی دل)
  5. Shehar e Kafoor (شہرِ کافور)
  6. Khakstri Boorha (خاکستری بوڑھا)
  7. Mausam Sarma Main Neeli Chirrya Ki Maut (موسم سرما میں نیلی چڑیا کی موت)
  8. Sadma e Awaz (صدمہ آواز)
  9. Shauq Hathi Ka, Sawari Choohay Dil Ki (شوق ہاتھی کا، سواری چوہے دل کی)
  10. Nafs e Na Rasaa (نفسِ نارسا)
  11. Asbaaq Al Salasa (اسباقِ ثلاثہ)
  12. Kaj Kalaah (کج کلاہ)
  13. Shatranj Chaal (شطرنج چال)

Every person who enters this earth has a finite lifespan. Everyone must pass away. You must prepare yourself for the next existence, which will last indefinitely. Jameela is a prominent character in the first chapter, and she has a crush on a boy named Shahid. He was a successful businessman. He wasn’t wealthy at first, but after a few years of marriage, he now owns two factories and plazas, as well as stock market shares.

When a person becomes affluent, he feels proud of himself. He begins to ignore his wife Jameela. Jameela’s parents do not want her to marry him. Such a person’s fate is far too tragic. Allah says in the Quran that everyone must experience death. Death is unavoidable, but prosperity allows you to forget about your deity. And proceeds in the incorrect direction. Wealth, according to a scholar, is a modern-day infection. No one is pleased with his current situation.

Details About Saman E Wajood Novel by Bano Qudsia

  • Novel Title: Saman E Wajood
  • Author: Bano Qudsia
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Thrill, Ashiq, Drama, Friendship Stories
  • Publish Date:
  • Format: PDF
  • Status: Avail for Download
  • Price: Free

Saman E Wajood Novel by Bano Qudsia Free Download

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