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Julie Trettel’s “Forgotten Promise” is a narrative about love, grief, heartache, and unbreakable relationships. Julie Trettel is the author of this book. This is a beautiful tale about how life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to, but if we’re willing to work hard enough, we can still have a wonderful life. It’s a good, fascinating narrative that’s also simple to read. This is the ideal holiday read; you can pick it up and immediately immerse yourself in the plot.

Forgotten Promise by Julie Trettel

Description of Forgotten Promise by Julie Trettel:

Karis Begay is the last surviving descendant of the Alaskan Pack’s Begay wolves. She will one day take her rightful place as Pack Mother, a responsibility she has proudly held all her existence. It kept her apart from others and made her wary of let anybody near her. No one knows who she is or who she will become as she begins her freshman year at Archibald Reynolds College. It’s an opportunity for a new beginning, and perhaps the start of something new.

Damon Rossi has spent much of his existence alone, divided between two packs. His genuine family was located in his Delta Omega Gamma brothers. As he enters his senior year, he is filled with sadness and sorrow, unable to move on to the next stage of his life. That is, until he detects his one true mate’s smell. Damon fights to control his wolf as it surges with fresh abilities he doesn’t comprehend, as the formerly peaceful beast surges with newfound powers he doesn’t understand.

Damon would go to any length to be with Karis, but how will he react when she reveals her secret: mating with her will seal his fate as Alpha?

Damon’s abilities reach their pinnacle when Karis’ life is in jeopardy. Is he able to keep them under his control? Or will his wolf prove to be too strong? Will he be able to make peace with his spirit animal in time to save Karis, or will he have to live with the regret of a lost love?

Details About Forgotten Promise by Julie Trettel PDF/ePuB

  • Name: Forgotten Promise
  • Author: Julie Trettel
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 210
  • Price: Free

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