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Download Ask A Historian by Greg Jenner PDF & ePub novel for free. “Ask A Historian by Greg Jenner” is an emotional roller coaster with non-linear developments. Nearly all of the novel’s mysteries are unraveled before the conclusion. Secrets, betrayal, grief, death, forgiveness, redemption, and love shine through in this tale.

Ask A Historian: 50 Surprising Answers to Things You Always Wanted to Know


What is the origin of the name Italy? What is the age of curry? Which historical figures would be the greatest at pulling off a casino robbery? Who was the wealthiest individual in history? What was the date of the first Monday? What were the strangest medical operations in history that worked? How much horse excrement was splashed over Tudor London’s streets? What was the speed of the Chinese postal system in the Middle Ages? What aspects of the Stone Age did the Flintstones get right? Who gets to name historical periods, and how will ours be remembered in a century? How can we know how people used to sound? What is the age of sign language?

Greg Jenner, author, BBC podcaster, and public historian answers questions you’ve always had but didn’t know who to turn to in Ask a Historian. Greg takes you on an amusing trip throughout the decades, answering 50 genuine doubts from the audience and exposing the best and most amazing stories, facts, and historical figures from ages ago.

Ask A Historian goes from the Stone Age to the Swinging Sixties, and brings forward spectacular delights and information about a smorgasbord of historical curiosities, devoured one morsel at a time, bouncing through a variety of topics, such as ancient jokebooks, African empires, and bizarre tales of medicinal cannibalism, along with the invention of meringues, mirrors, and menstrual pads.

Details About Ask A Historian by Greg Jenner PDF

  • Name: Ask A Historian
  • Author:  Greg Jenner
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 2.2 MB
  • Page: 210
  • Price: Free

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